Know All About The Funeral Thank You Notes Before You Write Them!

A friend in need is a friend indeed – this is a saying that is so true. Tough times often come in everybody’s life. However, there are people, who take out the time to support and accompany us. In such situations, it is a must that our complete gratitude is shown to them.

When it is the demise of a loved one, funerals take place and a number of guests, friends and family come to show their sympathy, kindness and pay condolences. Hence, as a host, it is a must that you send funeral thank you notes to them for their kind participation. But, it is not mandatory that you send a thank you note to everyone. However, it is a great way to show gratitude to those, whose presence really matters to you.

Factors to consider while sending funeral thank you notes:

  • Make a list:

The first thing that you need to do is make a list of all those people, who helped you immensely at the funeral service. It can be those, who prepared the food, sent flowers for the funerals, made some donations and helped you with all the other funeral arrangements. Make a note of the extra helps that they did. You need to mention those details as a token that you care and are grateful to them for their contribution and service.

  • Buy the stationeries:

To write down the notes, you need some stationery. These can be the notes, envelopes, and other necessary things.

  • Ask someone else to do it on your behalf:

If you are not willing to do it by yourself, there is nothing to be pressurized. You can ask your family members to do this on your behalf. Again, remember, it is not mandatory to send a thank you note to everyone.

  • Handwrite or pre-purchased:

It is always a good idea to handwrite the funeral notes to say thank you. However, there are also the notes readily available in the market that you can purchase.

What should you write?

Whether you handwrite the notes or have them printed on the thank you cards, it is a must that you choose the funeral thank you wording carefully. Make it short and simple. The note should clearly thank the person for his or her presence and contribution.

The extra effort that they have put in and the special help that you have received from them must clearly be mentioned in the note. It can be anything like –

  • His/her presence was truly appreciated
  • Despite poor health or distance, someone has traveled to attend the funeral
  • For sending flowers
  • For babysitting
  • For donating

What you will write in the note is entirely up to you. But make sure that it is not too long and you can well convey your gratitude and gesture of thankfulness through the note. The note should be formal, but at the same time, it should show your personal touch in writing it down. Always address to the intended person or mention a name, in particular, to make it more appreciated. The sender’s address can be personal or on behalf of a family.

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